clubhouse app drop in audio only social networking

The Ultimate Guide to Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the new audio-only app taking the social media community by storm. Are you wondering “What is clubhouse” or want to know “How to use clubhouse” so that you can easily navigate this exciting new trend? We put together this ultimate guide to clubhouse to get your started. What is Clubhouse? Clubhouse is a
light and sun flare overlays for photoshop editing
Do you wonder how photographers create images that just somehow stand out from all the rest? Here’s a secret: it’s not hard! By using light and atmosphere overlays in Photoshop you can quickly and easily enhance your photographs and give them that special look that stands out from the crowd. Use light and flare overlays
Sue Bryce Education is the best photography education online
SUE BRYCE EDUCATION: The Best Photography Education Online I’ve been a member of Sue Bryce Education for over three years and here’s why I believe it is the best online photography education. When I first joined I was a shoot and burn photographer working for free or charging $75 for a session and providing a
how to use zoom virtual backgrounds
Are you wondering how to use Zoom Virtual Backgrounds when participating in a meeting on your computer or portable device like an ipad or an iphone? What are Zoom Virtual Backgrounds anyway? In this digital age many meetings are happening through online virtual meeting tools – from dining rooms to coffee shops. One of the
free covid-19 pandemic and health graphics for photographers and small business owners
As we all strive to find our direction and way through the Covid-19 pandemic I wanted to touch base with my photography clients and share where I am at as a business owner and how Alana Lee Photography is adapting to continue to serve clients. Currently many photographers are not able to photograph clients, or
banner image from blog post explaining how a photographer can earn money during the covid-19 pandemic
Learning to adapt and change during times of challenge is nothing new. The Covid-19 pandemic has virtually shut down the photography industry and left many photographers and studios wondering “how can photographers make money during the lockdown?” Not only have I faced the same challenges of operating a small business that must close their doors
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