Letting Go is the latest NFT by Alana Lee available on Foundation
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Letting Go


Letting Go is the latest NFT by Alana Lee available on Foundation


This is my very first NFT offering, edition 1/1, and the first image in the collection “Evolution of an Artist”. That’s a lot of firsts!

Sometimes we lose our way and sight of our goals. We are held back by fear, by self-value, or by what we think others expect of us. By letting go of our fears we can move forward with an open mind and courage in our hearts.

“Letting Go” is a seamless looping animation based on my award-winning portrait created by combining several still images taken with my Canon camera, a digitally rendered set of angel wings, enhanced with moving clouds.

The Evolution Of An Artist

Welcome! I’m Alana, a photographer and digital artist specializing in fine art portraits, headshots, and digital art.

I’ve been in love with fine art since I was a child, creating and exhibiting paintings inspired by my love of natural history and wildlife since I was a teenager. I’ll never forget my first exhibition and sale of wildlife paintings, alongside world-renowned wildlife art painters. In my 20s I set my paintbrushes aside to pursue a career in genetics, and I would have never imagined my heart would call me back to the world of fine art later in life.

Following a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, I found myself learning photography as a form of therapy after a severe flare-up that temporarily affected my vision and mobility. I could only see shapes in light and dark, and color was very limited. As my vision began to return I found that photography gave me a new outlet to express my creativity and enabled me to experience and engage with my environment in a way I’d never explored before.

Mastering the art of composite photography allowed me to bring imaginary worlds to life and tell stories in a brand new way. There are no longer limitations or constraints and anything is possible, especially with the addition of 3D modeling technology to conventional photography and artistic techniques.

I am now sharing my creations as NFTs, available exclusively with  Foundation, and I invite you to join me on this journey. Why NFTs? I believe in exploring possibilities, new frontiers, and being open to change. We can’t predict our future, but we can control how we feel and react to change. I feel my heart pulling me in this direction and I’m so excited to explore this new world.

a portrait of photographer and digital artist, Alana Lee

Awards & Publications

International awards won by photographer Alana Lee
alana lee is an award winning photographer from Port Hope, Ontario Canada
award badges won by Alana Lee for portrait and fine art photography

Since I began my photography journey in 2015 I have been honored to receive numerous photography awards and accolades both locally and internationally. I welcome the opportunity to share my story and photography with relevant publications and interview requests. If you have a proposal for a print or online feature or wish to use my photography in any publication, print or online please contact me with details of your request.

Portrait photographer Alana Lee holding her first place award in the Portrait Masters Pets category
  • One Eyeland Top 10 Fine Art Photographers – 4th Place International Fine Art Photographer
  • One Eyeland Top 10 Fine Art Photographers, Canada – First Place
  • Cosmos Awards – Third Place – Creative/Illustrative
  • Cosmos Awards – Silver Distinction – Creative/Illustrative
  • Cosmos Awards – Silver Distinction – Creative/Portrait Composite (2 awards)
  • Cosmos Awards – Silver – Portrait Teenager
  • Cosmos Awards – Silver – Portrait Individual
  • MPI/IIC – Bronze – Portrait, Fine Art, Business Portrait
  • MPI/IIC – Silver – Pet
  • MPI/IIC – Gold – Portrait Story
  • Monochrome Awards – Honorable Mention – Portrait
  • AIPP Silver Linings – Semi Finalist, Portrait (2 images)
  • WPE First Half Competition – Silver, Children’s Portrait
  • WPE First Half Competition – Silver, Animals/Insects/Pets
  • The Portrait Masters Round 1 – Bronze w/ Distinction, Teen & Senior/Pets
  • The Portrait Masters Round 1 – Bronze, Opposites/Teen & Senior
  • The Portrait Masters Round 2 – Silver, Self-Portrait/Pets
  • The Portrait Masters Round 2 – Bronze w/ Distinction, Self-Portrait/Creative
  • The Portrait Masters Round 2 – Bronze, Teen & Senior
  • The Portrait Masters Round 3 – Bronze, Family & Group/Contemporary Portrait
  • The Portrait Masters Round 3 – Bronze w/ Distinction, Teen & Senior Portrait
  • Cosmos Awards – Silver – Creative Portrait Composite
girl in white dress and angel wings sitting on the edge of a cliff in the clouds

In The Press

My photography has been featured in the press, both online and in print by the following:

  • Vogue Italia (Photovogue)
  • RF (Range Finder) Magazine
  • Fine Art Actions blog
  • Shutter Magazine
  • Watershed Magazine
  • Brand Model Magazine
  • Child Couture Magazine
  • Gallery of Refined Art Magazine
  • Child Model Magazine
  • Photography Talk
  • Model Source Magazine
  • Kid Model Magazine

Affiliations, Memberships & Accreditations