The Portrait Masters Collection

Digital Backgrounds, Textures & Overlays Designed in Collaboration with The Portrait Masters

The Portrait Masters Collection

by Alana Lee

The Complete Collection of all Alana Lee’s digital backgrounds, textures, overlays, and editing tools that are featured in The Portrait Masters store. This bundle includes Hand Painted Digital Backgrounds, Cinematic Headshot Backgrounds, Feather Wing Digital Overlays, Flying Fabric Digital Overlays, Eyelash Overlays, The Texture Collection, and the Creative Essentials Collection.

Spend more and save. The total value of the Alana Lee Portrait Masters collection is over $700. Buy the complete collection at one time and save hundreds of dollars!

a complete collection of all photoshop editing tools by alana lee from the portrait masters store

Rain, Light Flares & Special Effects

Fire & Smoke Overlays

Cinematic Headshot Backgrounds

Fire & Smoke Overlays

Crowns and Nimbus Overlays

Feather Wing Overlays

Gorgeous, realistic, and highly detailed digital feather wings to add to your portrait, maternity, and boudoir images.

hand painted oliphant style digital backgrounds by the portrait masters and alana lee

Hand-Painted Digital Backgrounds

You’ve seen this style of hand-painted canvas backdrop used by leaders in the photography industry and now you can replicate this classic fine art look quickly and easily in Photoshop!

cinematic headshot backgrounds for photoshop by the portrait masters and alana lee

Cinematic Headshot Backgrounds

Digital backgrounds are a great way for photographers and digital artists to add interest to their images, and this background set is perfect for headshot photographers who want to provide a cinematic look to their clients without having to shoot on location.

creative digital backgrounds and overlays for photoshop by the portrait masters and alana lee

Creative Essentials

Ever wonder how photographers create images that stand out and stop your scrolling as soon as you see them?

You may think that creating an impactful image involves advanced editing and Photoshop skills. Here’s a secret: all you need is a little imagination and a few magical overlays to transform an ordinary image into something extraordinary.

flying fabric overlays for photoshop by the portrait masters and alana lee

Flying Fabric Overlays

Never worry about getting that perfect fabric toss in camera again! The ultimate collection of fabric overlays featuring a variety of colors, textures and shapes (including lace and sheer fabric variations)

digital eyelash overlays for photoshop by the portrait masters and alana lee

The Eyelash Collection

Hard to see your client’s natural eyelashes? Give them a little boost or create a dramatic look with these eyelash overlays by Alana Lee and wow your clients.

digital textures for photoshop by the portrait masters and alana lee

Digital Textures

Add instant drama and interest to your portrait. Created exclusively for The Portrait Masters store, these high-resolution textures are .jpg images measuring 6000 pixels on the long edge and are 300 dpi.


In this tutorial, learn step-by-step how to add digital wing overlays to portrait images in Photoshop. Digital overlays are such a great way to add variety and interest to your portrait edits. You don’t have to worry about investing in expensive props that you’ll only use a handful of times, or finding room in your studio to store everything. Just photograph your client and then add any background or prop you desire during post-production editing! The best part is that you can try out different variations to find the perfect look and even customize colors to match a client’s wardrobe and brand.

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a collection of digital backgrounds, textures and overlays by alana lee photography

Quick Use

Download your digital products instantly so you can start creating right away!


Many of our overlays and props come in a variety of poses and angles so you’ll find the perfect match for your needs.


Our digital products are high resolution and sized to work with current industry-standard image sizes, including larger format print & wall art. Resolution & size dimensions are included in product descriptions so you know before you buy!

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Premium Quality, Easy to Use Tools For Creatives

Designed by a photographer FOR photographers. After spending countless hours searching the internet for digital backgrounds and overlays I was often frustrated at the quality of the products available on the market or just couldn’t find unique items that sparked my creative soul. Over the years I’ve created a toolbox of unique, high-quality digital backgrounds, textures, and overlays that I use to enhance the look of my photography images. I’m now sharing my curated collection so that other creatives can build the digital library they’ve always dreamed of. Let your imagination soar! I can’t wait to see what you create!

~ Alana

girl in white dress with ballet ribbons and angel wings sitting on the edge of a cliff in the clouds

Our Core Values

Wondering why you should choose our digital backgrounds, textures and overlays? These values underpin every Alana Lee Photo creation.

Our photography clients deserve the very best experience and results. So do you.
It can be hard to know what you are getting when you purchase a digital item because you can’t touch and hold it before you make your buying decision. This is why we let you know upfront what the size and resolution of each digital asset are in our product descriptions.

Digital products should be high quality and easy to use.
We pride ourselves in creating premium products of exceptional value, with a variety of variations in high resolution that will work with modern workflows and have versatile applications. Whether adding creative essentials like sky and light overlays, digital backgrounds and backdrops, or unique characters and props to your library, we are confident you will be pleased with our digital products. We invite you to contact us should you have any questions and we’ll do our best to help find a solution!

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Knowledge & Resources

Our blog is packed full of interesting information and tips that help you create amazing photography and composite images, whether you are wondering how to use digital backgrounds, how to use overlays in photoshop, or looking for tips on growing a successful photography business and mastering your photoshop skills.

how to use digital backgrounds, textures and overlays in photoshop tutorial

How to Use Digital Backgrounds, Textures & Overlays

Learn how to add interest to your photography images, without the expense of purchasing backdrops or requiring a tonne of space to store your fabric or canvas backdrops.

light and sun flare overlays for photoshop editing

Using Light & Atmosphere Overlays in Photoshop

By using overlays in Photoshop you can quickly and easily enhance your photographs and give them that special look that stands out from the crowd. See examples of how you can transform images using light & flares in this blog post!

how to use zoom virtual backgrounds

How To Use Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Wondering how to protect your privacy (or maybe have a messy room and don’t want to have to tidy up) when participating in Zoom online meetings? Learn the basics of how to use Zoom virtual backgrounds.

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