Feather Wing Overlays


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Category: Animals, Characters & Props
Tags: digital overlay, photoshop

The ultimate collection of realistic photoshop wings. Find the perfect wing for your photoshop composite images – from angel wings to demon wings, raven wings, crow wings, eagle wings, Egyptian wings, brown wings, black wings and just about every kind of feathered wing imaginable. Now photographers can give wings to your models and subjects without having to make or purchase expensive props. Just add your wing using a layer in photoshop and use the transform tools to fit the wings to your composition.
Each wing overlay is a high resolution, computer generated PNG file with a transparent background (approximately 4000 – 6000 pixels at 300 dpi) that have been rendered using 3D software. Experiment with different blending modes and change the colors of the wings and wing overlays using hue/saturation and other color adjustment layers to further customize to fit your image. Results will vary depending on the background of your image.

boudoir portrait of beautiful woman in bra with feather wings

woman in white dress with angel wings in clouds

girl in white dress with ballet ribbons and angel wings sitting on the edge of a cliff in the clouds

Commercial use (for example by photographers to use for creating images for clients, their portfolio, marketing, or entering into photography competitions that allow digital stock) DOES NOT require the purchase of any additional licensing, however, this is NOT A MERCHANT RESOURCE (You cannot create tangible printed products or digital backgrounds, overlays, templates, regular printed backgrounds, inserts, cut-outs, pngs, transparent objects in any part or whole to sell or give away). Once you have completed your purchase you will receive a unique and personalized link to download your purchase included with your purchase receipt. Please be on your computer when you click your download link and your .zip file will begin to download immediately. Digital downloads are non-transferable and non-refundable. You will be able to download your purchase up to a maximum of two times and you may not share or distribute your downloads to any other person. It is your responsibility to back up your download should you require it in the future. You may NOT claim my files as your own, resell, repackage, gift, share or distribute them in any way or form such as stock photography or sharing with other photographers. Any violation or unapproved distribution of these files will be tracked and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Limited refunds will be made within 14 days of purchase as outlined in our terms & conditions and refund policies. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Should you have any questions about your download please contact Alana Lee Photography.

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